Sutherlands Property Management Group is a well respected independent Property Management and Real Estate business.

Our uniqueness and why our clients are so loyal to us is all in our highly effective management system. This specialised system ensures the highest level of Property Management expertise for your Gold Coast investment property.

We’ve developed our own Property Management system called Ontrack™. This system ensures you reap the rewards of owning an investment property and that you’ll get an excellent return on your money.

Ontrack™ Property Management system has been fully developed, tried, tested and utilised – a compilation of 30 years experience and expertise in the industry. Nothing is left to chance through using Ontrack™.

We understand what it takes to pay attention to details, to make sure you are kept informed, and to look after every aspect of your Gold Coast investment property in a timely manner. Ontrack™ ensures every aspect of property management is covered.

Ontrack™ utilises the latest technology to ensure you are kept up to date with exactly the right information on your rental investment property. We’re in the process of developing a special client login area where you can check on everthing yourself.

Ontrack™ provides a written inspection report for every inspection.

At Sutherlands Property Management you are treated as a valued client, not just another customer. Our Property Managers understand you need to be kept aware of developments affecting your property and we won’t forget about you…. Ontrack™ will make sure of that.

Sutherlands’ Ontrack™ Management System guarantees:

  • Written inspection report for every inspection
  • Your payment into your bank on time
  • Renew leases on time, every time
  • Regular contact with clients, including investment property newsletter
  • Thorough tenant screening procedures
  • Accurate, timely, and easy to understand financial accounting
  • Completion of comprehensive ingoing Entry & Outgoing Condition Report
  • Full arrears management, automated rent payments processed via BPAY or Direct Deposit
  • Management and supervision of repairs by licensed tradespeople at the competitive prices
  • Detailed routine inspections completed at least twice a year with additional inspections if you require them.