People often ask me why on earth I would start a real estate agency when there are already so many?

We say the answer is simple. We want to inspire people to change the way they approach property investment.

We want to work with a team who believe they too can make a difference to the wealth in other people’s lives.

We were thinking what does all this mean and the word freedom came to mind. We are doing this because we want people to experience freedom. we want people to be able to fulfill their goals. we believe in a very real way, the way in which we manage property here at Sutherlands provides this to our clients.

So why does Sutherlands exist. To create freedom … through property

Freedom means something different to everyone.

To you and us it may mean early retirement with travel. To someone else it may mean that their children will get to go to a private school or a family holiday once a year.

To most people, freedom is the feeling of security.