6: Navigating Final Inspections and Bond Claims 

Welcome to another insightful episode of “The Property Investor’s Handbook” podcast series. Your host, Adam Bell, is joined by Colleen Sutherland from Sutherlands Property Management Group to delve into the crucial topic of final inspections and bond claims, an area of interest for both tenants and landlords. This episode provides valuable insights into the bond claim process, fair wear and tear, and the significance of photographic evidence in resolving disputes. 

In Episode 6 of “The Property Investor’s Handbook,” host Adam Bell and property management expert Colleen Sutherland explore the essential aspects of final inspections and bond claims. A bond claim can be made by tenants if any money is owed at the end of the tenancy or by landlords for unpaid rent, water bills, or cleaning expenses. The final inspection, conducted before the end of the tenancy, plays a vital role in determining the condition of the property and what, if any, issues need to be addressed. Tenants have the opportunity to fix any issues identified during the final inspection, but they must act promptly, as landlords may need to prepare the property for the next tenant. 

Colleen emphasises the importance of thorough entry condition reports, supported by photographic evidence, to compare the property’s condition at the beginning and end of the tenancy. This documentation becomes crucial in resolving disputes over bond claims and wear and tear issues. While fair wear and tear is expected from normal use of the property, tenants should not confuse it with damage caused by pets or neglect. Colleen advises tenants to be proactive and attend to any issues flagged during the final inspection promptly, as procrastination may lead to the loss of the opportunity to rectify the situation. 

The episode also highlights the valuable role property managers play in managing the end-to-end tenancy process. From conducting final inspections to handling bond claims and mediating disputes, property managers help ensure a smooth and fair transition for both tenants and landlords. Their expertise in the tenancy laws, regulations, and dispute resolution processes is invaluable in minimising the risks and complications associated with the property rental journey. 

“The Property Investor’s Handbook” Episode 6 provides a comprehensive guide to final inspections and bond claims, shedding light on the significance of thorough documentation and photographic evidence in resolving disputes. Colleen Sutherland’s expert insights underline the crucial role property managers play in managing the tenant-landlord relationship and ensuring a hassle-free rental experience. Whether you’re a tenant or landlord, this episode offers essential tips and knowledge for navigating the complexities of final inspections and bond claims in the property rental market. Tune in to “The Property Investor’s Handbook” for more valuable discussions on property investment and management. 


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