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Join Colleen Sutherland in the inaugural episode of “The Property Investors Handbook” podcast as she shares her impressive 35-year journey in the real estate industry, emphasising the crucial role of a property manager in managing properties, people, and profitability. Gain valuable insights and expert advice on propert

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Discover the secrets of successful property management and investing on “The Property Investors Handbook” podcast. Join Colleen Sutherland as she shares expert insights and strategies for acquiring, managing, and maximising returns on real estate investments. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned investor, this podcast is your essential guide to navigating the world of property investment. Tune in and unlock the keys to financial success in real estate.

Colleen Sutherland

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Colleen Sutherland

Colleen has been the driving force in creating a business that puts more money in the pockets of our landlord’s at the end of each month without any of the stress.

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