Top tips when applying for a rental property!

Looking for a house rent, can be exhausting. Here are our top tips when applying or a rental property! One of the biggest concerns for a landlord is having right tenant. Choosing the right tenant can be an exhausting task and if the due diligence or tenant vetting process is not done properly it can

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Choosing the right tenants

Choosing the right tenants for your investment property is one of the biggest decisions you make as a landlord. In this nifty little article we will talk about one of the biggest concerns for a landlord and this is having the right tenant in your investment property Property. Choosing the right tenant for you  investment

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Why is a Maintenance Budget so important?

Read time: 2:30 mins! Join landlords across Australia and subscribe to our weekly newsletter! Link is in the footer!  An area you may have discussed with your Accountant or Financial Advisor when purchasing the property is outgoings and maintaining the equity in the Property during the time you own it. Outgoings would include the mortgage,

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