Rent Proofing Your Investment Property

At Sutherlands Property Management we know serious property investors purchase a property and make adjustments to make it more suited to everyday renting. In this article we reveal some top tips to make your next rental property more suited as a professional rental property and create an environment to withstand the rigours of renting.

Low Maintenance Gardens

A lot of tenants either don’t like gardening or simply do not have the time to look after a garden. Therefore remove plants that might be considered high maintenance and in their place plant hardy native plants and shrubs that require little watering. Bark landscape garden beds and use plastic underlay to reduce weeds growing through. In some cases, small areas of lawn can be converted to gravel areas. Do what you can to provide grounds that need little upkeep to keep them looking good.

Use Quality Paint

When a property needs to be painted never be tempted to cut costs by using cheap paint, especially for inside walls. Even the easiest of marks is difficult to wash off of cheap paint and the walls quickly begin to look unsightly. Instead purchase a low sheen wash and wear paint that can handle everyday living. Good tenants take pride so provide a way they can make sure they can keep walls, doors and woodwork looking tidy and clean.

Lay Hardy Floor Coverings

Sometimes investors will lay the cheapest of floor coverings severely limiting their wear and tear lifespan. In some cases these cheap coverings look unsightly, putting off good tenants as it makes the property look cheap. When light colours are used, marks and traffic wear appear magnified. When purchasing, seek the advice of your local floor covering specialist for the best floor coverings for your rental property.

Install Quality Blinds

When choosing the right window coverings avoid purchasing cheap blinds. Cheap plastic holland and venetian blinds have such a short lifespan that it makes claiming damages at a tribunal restricted if it is found such low quality blinds were installed, even if they are just six months old. When purchasing blinds ensure you get the right advice from a window covering specialist for the best type of blind for a particular window that will survive the rigours of renting, is functional and will still look great in a few years time.

Sutherlands Property Management Group facilitates the management and growth of our clients investment portfolios.

Our comprehensive Ontrack System allows for the complete management of our clients investment properties.

Our Ontrack Systems offers our clients:

  • Manage and Maintain value of the your investment property.
  • The Project Management of refurbishments.
  • Projected cash flow expense to maintain and/or increase the equity in the property.
  • Managed Maintenance schedule.
  • Managing all outgoing expenses ensuring the asset is self sustaining, while generating a rental return for you.
  • Ongoing tracking of the trends in the rental market and the consumer demand.
  • At Sutherlands Property Management Group we believe that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

For this reason we offer our new clients a complimentary professional photo shoot of their investment property(valued at $299), to maximize the impact of their property.


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