Put your Gold Coast Property Manager to the test!

Its time for to put your Gold Coast Property Manager to the test!

How many years has the Gold Coast property manager been with the agency?

You should look for stability in your Gold Coast property manager. You want someone who will learn your property inside and out. You want to pick up the phone and talk to that person today, and in 6 months time you want to be able to talk to that same person.
Due to the stresses involved in Gold Coast property management, the staff turnover tends to be quite high. This is another reason why you should look for an estate agent who has chosen Gold Coast property management as a career.

Does the Gold Coast property manager give you a written proposal?

Some Gold Coast property managers just go out and look at your property and say “OK, we’ll put it on our books”. Look for someone who has put in the time and effort to present a professional image to you and gives you a written proposal.
If they make the effort to present their services professionally to you, it is likely they will look after your property professionally also.

What geographic area does the property management service cover?

While you should be looking for a Gold Coast property manager with expert local knowledge, consider what your property portfolio will look like in a couple of year’s time. Will you own a number of properties spread throughout the suburbs?
You could either employ a specialist property manager in each geographic location or you could instruct a large property management company that covers a larger geographic area.
Australia is now following the overseas trend in the formation of agencies that are solely dedicated to property management and cover a larger geographic area. With the advent of internet advertising and electronic banking, these “super offices” no longer need to be located in the local shopping strip to manage your properties.

Many professional Gold Coast property investors are turning to this type of asset manager who will be able to look after their entire property portfolio.
Use a specialist property management company to get the results you want. At Sutherlands we can help you reap the rewards of owning a Gold Coast investment property: a well maintained property, quality tenants and a solid return on investment.

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